28 years ago when I started selling my first NET/CES invention called the Endomax I wondered when I would locate a viable way to prove once and for all the effectiveness of NET/CES. Hopefully it would be in the field of drug addiction as that would help the most people. What I needed was some kind of scoring system that worked. It had to be really down to earth. Until just recently the closest thing I had available were questionnaires from drug treatment clinics. The problem was that these were usually filled out or answered by detoxing patients who were often highly susceptible to suggestion and were often prone to exaggeration and to the placebo effect. They often lied to get more drugs. Who could we find that we could treat who would not exaggerate or fake their withdrawal symptoms? I needed a group of drug addicts who would always tell me the truth. Good luck I thought to myself and for 28 years I thought this.

I could not figure out a solution. Then I found what I had been praying 28 years for. I was told that a newborn was suffering from Neonatal Abstinent Syndrome. According to the Neonatal Abstinence  Scoring system any repeated score of over 8 means the newborn is drug addicted. This newborn scored between 12 and 15 on the NAS. 

Nine days after being born she was suffering through horrible withdrawals. * She did not have a clue why she was going through such a hell. They were actually some of the worst withdrawals that I have ever seen any human go through....and I have seen quite a few. She did not cry, she had a chirp that is found commonly with opiate addicted infants who are going through withdrawals. However her tonic-conic (Grand Mal) seizures are what worried me the most. They were incessant and fairly regular. She was so weak from continuous seizures about four minutes apart that the others said 'Look she is trying to sneeze'. She had become so weak that she could not even convulse like a seizure patient normally does.

The real problem seemed to be that she was not recovering from one seizure before she would have another one. Most people who die during opiate withdrawals do so during such a storm of seizures. I was told that it's when they cant recover from one seizure before they have another one that they go right downhill to death in as little as 20 minutes. This little lady was in extreme trouble to say the least. I did not dare tell the others what she was going through or they would have really panicked. One of us was enough.

I said let me try my brain machine before we take her to the hospital as it works (on seizures) and there may not be enough time to get her there. Even if she had survived the trip they would have just readdicted her to her mothers favorite drugs and then weaned her off of them. Often these babies have low level cravings that draw them back to using those same drugs in their teenage years. It happens all the time.

In fifteen minutes the Brainmax NET/CES machine reduced her Neonatal Abstinence Score from 12-15 down to 4. With two more short treatments her score dropped to 0 and it never went back up.

[The seizures predominated everything. Seizures alone will score 10-12 points in the Neonatal Abstinet Score so it is possible that there may have been no drug addiction at all. The Brainmax will stop most seizure patterns in their tracks.]

Anyway, it's a very complicated issue with great controversy however for me lots of doubts got wiped away with one big long 'ah' from a very happy newborn infant with in a few minutes. And the current was so low that she could not even feel it. We have found that microamps are all that are needed. Microamps work almost as well as milliamps and people cant even feel them. 

I was shocked beyond belief. I have known for 20 years that teenagers respond about 3 times faster to NET/CES than do people around 60 years old. They require about 10 one hour sessions to cure opiate addiction while older persons may require 30 or 40. However, I was not at all ready for how fast newborns respond to this very simple repair process. (NET/CES mimics a similar repair process to the one that causes lizards to regrow their tails.) Fifteen minutes for a newborn works about the same as five one hour sessions work for a teenager. Except that with newborns it is far more permanent.

I was really expecting maybe a 3 times better response but it turns out to be approximately 25 times better. (Better means both faster and more permanent.) I am flabbergasted and really speechless to tell you the truth.

*I have been designing, manufacturing, demonstrating and selling CES machines for about 30 years so I have seen quite a few people go through withdrawals. You can see some of my 1988 ads for the Endomax, which is an older version of the Brainmax here and here and here. I used to set up at Health Fairs where I freely treated hundreds of people a day. In fact I have probably treated more people with NET/CES than anyone in the US or the world for that matter. I am certain that I know more about CES and it's uses than anyone else. However, I had never put an infant on the Brainmax. The youngest was a five year old whose mother insisted I put her on it. (I used to be number two but Meg Patterson passed away.) I can eliminate such far ranging problems as Jet Lag in 20 minutes (over 95% of the time) to reversing many aging processes by the stimulation of mitochondria.

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