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I hunt down and expose the worlds most powerful pedophiles that law enforcement cant even begin to approach. (It's my own personal save the children project. This is one of my hobbies.)


NOTE: We are not currently selling any brain machines. We are taking time out to get it FDA licensed as a modified Tens device.

brainmaxThe Brainmax

It's possible to have permanent peace of mind and a life filled with joy.

We all know someone who is 'naturally high'. This is the person who doesn't use drugs or want to use them. When this type of person uses a drug it often makes them very unhappy. Drugs actually drag them from their happy place to somewhere else. They don't like the effect. The drug is simply robbing them of their natural high and with that they lose their sense of well being.

You are not one of these people (or you would probably not care about this information.) However, you can become one of those people who lives their life in a natural high.

THow? Feelings of joy are directly related to endorphins and other neurochemicals. If you lack endorphins as do about 40% of Americans the Brainmax CES/NET machine can permanently raise them to near normal. If a person is very low in endorphins the Brainmax can more than triple them. Their endorphin level then usually returns towards where they were after a few days but never do they go back to the low level they were at before the Brainmax was used. Within a week or so of using the Brainmax for an hour or two each day a person's neurochemistry increases and then stays at a high normal level often for months at a time or even permanently. That makes your chemistry normal fast. Studies have also shown that CES can double serotonin and increase Melatonin 2-4 fold for several hours. The following chart shows the results of just one 20 minute session at 100HZ.

Once they have become balanced the typical person only needs to use the Brianmax about an hour every month or so to maintain the balance they have achieved.

Our Brainmax is the best CES machine on the market for several reasons. It has 11 frequencies while other CES machines have only one frequency (100 Hz). Each frequency stimulates a different neurochemical system. There are three frequencies for Endorphins, one for GABA, one for Adrenaline, two for Serotonin, etc. Digital pulses stored on a standard CD are changed to electrical pulses by the Brainmax 'black box' These pulses are then applied by electrodes to the 'mastoid process' behind the ears. Very low level pulses that are almost undetectable go through the brain. A diagram is shown here. All the power comes from the two AA batteries that run the cassette player so it is quite safe. Our system is not only safer and far more effective than any other units on the market but it is also simpler to use and less expensive.

How does it work?

The Brainmax is not sold by prescription nor is it sold as a medical device. Since the Brainmax is for experimental purposes and not to be used to treat any disease state we can provide you the ten most useful NET frequencies. The Brainmax is only to be used for experimental purposes. It costs only $159.00.

We are not selling it now. Please dont order it and if you did when I had the wrong web page up then let me know and I will refund your money. However, my main focus these days is to prevent a reverse of the Big Bang which can happen and I tell all about here: Understand that I am inundated with work and if that wasn't enough I did realize that I needed a relaxing 'job' so I am making an underwater hotel. Actually only the sleeping chamber is underwater. It's essentially an aquarium stuck on the bottom of a house boat that extends 5 feet down into the water. Take a look. Likely I will develop it in Florida and start the hotels in Hawaii and the Carribean. This is all hypothetical but my hypotheticals become reality probably three times what other peoples 'hypotheticals' become real. That is just something for me to do while I am trying to figure out how to save the world from a reverse big bang.



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